September 26, 2011

Days of Youth: NYC Edition

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel and spend the weekend in New York. Since I had such a good time, and am still wishing that I'm in NYC instead of rainy, gloomy Cleveland, I'm bringing you a special edition of "Days of Youth" highlighting some of the wonderful things the city has to offer.

Hard Rock Cafe 
For fans of rock 'n' roll, the Hard rock Cafe in Times Square is a must. Memorabilia from The Beatles, The Ramones, Billy Joel and Elvis line the walls of the cafe. Outfits worn by Gwen Stefani and Madonna are also on display. Stop by the gift shop after you grab a bite to eat to snag your own hard rock t-shirt and pin.

Monuments in Central Park
Central Park has long been an icon of New York City. Within this park, you can find street performers, bicyclists and horse drawn carriages. Besides being filled with NYC inhabitants, Central Park is also home to a myriad of monuments. Two of the most popular monuments are the Balto Statue and the Imagine memorial.

The Balto statue is dedicated to the Alaskan sled dog who led his musher and a team of sled dogs to deliver medicine to the sick during a blizzard. His statue has been in Central Park for over 85 years.

The Imagine Memorial is located within the Strawberry Fields portion of the park. Dedicated to John Lennon, who was killed at the Dakota Hotel just across the street, the memorial is often covered in flowers, peace signs and photos left in tribute by fans.

Garment District
A staple among aspiring fashion designers, the Garment District is home to stores filled floor to ceiling with fabric, trim, beads and buttons. These stores contain everything you need to create your own masterpiece, whether it's a glitzy night-out-on-the-town dress or a subdued vintage-inspired ensemble.

Times Square at Night
Although this destination is cliche, you just can't deny the beauty of Times Square lit up at night. With flashing signs and neon lights, the city comes to life as the sun sets.

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